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Additional Services

This page describes additional services you can have done either with or without having a Home Inspection. Additional training and certification is required for a Home Inspector to offer these services as well as specialized equipment.

1        Side Sewer Scope

Side Sewer Scope is a service where I would send a camera down the sewer line from the house to the city main sewer and note any deficiencies with the pipe along with recommendations. The video has 4K HD with audio and you receive a thumb drive at the inspection.

Sewer Scope with a Home Inspection is $150

Standalone without home Inspection is $200

2        Mold Inspection

A mold inspection includes spot sampling, air sampling, or both. A Mold inspection Spot test or air sample with a home inspection Starts at $150 for the first test and $100 for any subsequent tests. A mold spot test or air sample without a home inspection starts at $200 for the first test and $100 for each subsequent test. For a full house mold inspection would be a standalone service which starts at $400. This includes inspecting the house for mold, three air samples which are two outside and one inside. any subsequent tests would be an additional $100 each. The turn around time for lab tests is approximately 24 hours not including weekends or holidays.

3        Septic Inspection

A Septic Inspection would consist of 2 types. 

1) Routine Maintenance inspection: This inspection would include inspecting functionality of the waste plumbing system, visual inspection of septic tank,  functionality of flow, measuring the sludge levels in the tank, and recommendations. It is $150 add on to home inspection or $200 by itself. 

2) Drain field sewer Scope: This would include running a camera down the drain fields and inspecting for deficiencies. This includes at least one drain line for each entry point available. It is $150 add on to a Home Inspection or $200 by itself.

The septic risers would need to be accessible.



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